At the end of the day…

At the end of the day…
…a photographer will always wonder if he could have shot that one particular shot differently.

Or in this case, he’ll just fit his lenscap on his Nikon, take a sip of his rum and look up at the sky and wonder if there is such a thing as the purpose of the universe.

Ladies and gentleman, Amit Sharma. His photos will surely not make you wonder if you could have shot that shot differently but you’ll simply wish that you’d taken that damn shot yourself.

Shot at the end of the shoot on Sunday, somewhere near the first toll gate on NH4.
Originally uploaded by d_payne

A photographer like Joseph would appreciate me thus. That’s the day 🙂

Thanks Joe!

And by the way, both Joseph & Namrata, and Ankita & I have qualified for the top 100 in The Mitsubishi Cedia Great Driving Challenge. They are the third I in Mitsubishi, and we are the C in Challenge. Now looking forward to the next set of results.

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